Thursday, December 5, 2013

Here comes Santa Claus....

I just can not get over the expressions on his face.  Can he be anymore scared or irritated by Santa?  Except for the one where he is six months old and has no clue where he is or who this strange man is. 

I even prepped him for the big meeting.  We had been talking all about him.  How he has a sleigh that flies, and he brings toys to children.  I even asked him what he wanted from Santa, and he said CARS.  Which then led to fire trucks, choppers, trains, boats, planes.....and then I lost count.  So I figured he got it.  We walked up to Santa's village and once Max made eye contact with the strange old man, he was having none of it.  I think it scared him that Santa was a real dude.  I think he thought he was a cartoon or something.  Oh well.  maybe next year!

Oh the love of these holiday pictures.  I will never grow tired of them! 


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  1. His facial expressions are priceless! He is miserable!