Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alaska bound...

In six days we are flying to Anchorage.  I grew up in ANCHOR-town.  Lived there 18 long years.  And as soon as my ass turned 18, I was off like a prom dress.  I know that sounds harsh, but you try living there.  It aint easy!!

With that said, lately I've come a little reminiscent of my ol' stompin grounds.  Originally I blamed this mushiness on being preggo.  But damn it, its still lingers.  Like bad Thai food.  Anyways, Max and I are making our trip up there, and I am uber excited.

If only we didn't have to fly.  I HATE FLYING.  I usually medicate myself with a little Valium and a wash that puppy down with cocktail, but now that I have a little monster I am thinking that isn't very "responsible".   I am not super excited about this part of the trip.  I keep telling myself its only 3.5 hours. I can do it!!

I can do it!!!

I've been on the hunt for something to keep Max occupied while we are in baby jail. It took me 5 stores but I think I found it.  He is really into zippers and snaps so when I finally found this I did a little happy dance.  And its made specifically for the plane!

I think I should win an award or something.

snaps, velcro, buttons, oh my!

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