Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Hood-I

We moved into our condo in Pioneer Square six years ago.  I am not a fan of staying any one place for too long, so when we bought I figured we'd be here for 3-5 years.  5 being the absolute max.  Well, now 6 years later I am singing a different tune.  With the market being what it is it would be silly for us to sell.  So you make the best of it right?

Pioneer Square isn't what you would label "kid friendly".  But it is fun.  We have a little corner market we lovingly call crackmart.  Now I don't think they sell crack there, however I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

Details. Details!

My point to this post is that although we don't live in your typical neighborhood with parks and such, we live in a very colorful hood, filled with lots to see and explore.  And when we move one day, I will miss our little piece of the city.

Some sights from our trek today....

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