Monday, July 9, 2012


Planning a birthday is pretty fun.  Thinking of all the cute details, and the menu is a good time. However, putting it into play is a whole other ball o' wax.  First, and I should know this, Seattle weather is not one to cooperate.  The forcast was 50% change of rain. BOO!  So all my daydreaming of setting up a cute back yard ho' down were pushed aside.  But not to be derailed, we moved this shindig to the indoors.  My lovely BFF was so kind to let us use their space; so we set up shop.

The rain came and went, and came again.  We made the best of it.  Burgers and dogs were grilled and Cowboy Spuds (blue cheese potato salad) were dished up.  

I think it was a success.  Max was super over stimulated.  But I think in the end had a blast.

For me, this day was pretty awesome.  I had my sweet friend Amy and her son surprise us from Alaska.  I bout poo'd my pants when I saw them at the door.  A great present I must say.  And our friends from Bend, OR made it up to shower us with kisses.  It was great being surrounded by friends and family.  I don't use the word blessed ever, but that is the only word I can really find in my head right now.  I felt truly blessed this day as I looked around at the contained chaos. A first of what is sure to be many fun birthday parties to come!



Howdy partner
Happy Birthday Daddy

The Ulvi's made it in from Bend, OR
And Amy and Trent surprised us from AK
EMO (Korean for Auntie, not a sullen teen)


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