Tuesday, July 17, 2012


This past weekend we got to hang out with some old friends.  Well actually they are just a year old.  We met E and J last year this time when we all attended our centering classes together.  What is a centering class??? Its like a pumped up prenatal visit, or a prenatal visit on steroids.  So instead of your average 15 minute visit where you pee and get weighed, you attend a two hour class with 12 other "parents to be," every month going over your babies development, concerns, and questions with the support of a midwife and facilitator.

The centering concept was actually very cool.  When picking a hospital to have Max, I was drawn to Swedish because they offered centering and midwifery.  Both I was very interested in.  I think this was because I wanted as much help as I could get.  I knew I didn't have a mother to really walk me through this process so I opted for the support of great nurses and midwives. And in the end they did help fulfil that void.  I remember really thinking that when I was in the operating room and we were having complications.  My midwife, grabbed me and let me lean my head on her chest and rubbed my back as I threw up in the stupid kidney shaped dish. That was nice.

I digress.  It was a great reunion.  We ate on their deck which had amazing views. The Daddies got to talk about Port and Cigars while us Mommies talked about milestones and other happenings.  But the best part was watching Max and Shea play. I hope they become good friends as they grow up.

If you have the option of midwifery and centering groups, I recommend it. Also, I was more turned on to midwifery after watching Thebusinessofbeingborn.com. Go see it.

Max and Shea

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