Friday, January 3, 2014

Another year in review

I did this last year, and all though time consuming, totally worth it.  I tend to forget what we did throughout the year, and days becomes months and you get sucked into a time warp.  So it is nice to look back and reflect.  To re-cherish the moments that past to quickly.  To smile at them again as you remember being back in that moment.  That is why I blog, so that I have concrete memories that I can relive any time I want.  I can't wait to see what 2014 holds.


  • I participated in my first cleanse.  Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, but wasn't a breeze either.
  • We went Sledding, which I think Max had a love/hate relationship with.
  • Max had his first and hopefully last taste of poop.


  • I lost my dear friend Sharon.


  • My BFF got engaged!!!
  • My Hubby was sporting a horrible beard that he loved dearly.
  • Max's room got a face lift.
  • And we rented a cabin the the woods with our dear friends.

love the beard? I didn't think so.

Max wasn't as happy as we were

Cabin Fever

Ran my first 5K. The Color Vibe
We bought a bike trailer and rode it all over California.  Oz wasn't really feeling it.
And the weather in Cali did NOT disappoint!

Oz didn't like it so much.

Gotta love that weather!
  • Had a sister weekend in San Francisco.
  • My BFF came for the week and we headed to Napa!
  • Our first family trip to Disneyland
  • Max started swim school.
  • I turned the ripe ol' age of 36.

sister weekend!!

lil fish

who hates Donald?

Fast Friends.

  • We had a group trip to San Diego.
  • We had our annual Family pictures done.
  • Max turned 2.
chillin' in S.D.
Family shot!
Red, White and Blue


  • I got to meet my sweet friends new daughter Ava.
  • We got settled back into Seattle and were loving the summer.
  • Hubby had his Birthday Bash in the Cougar Room.

Ava Rosati
summer stroll

  • Max started Preschool!

  • We bought our house in California.
  • My dear BFF got married!

BFF's for 20+ years

home sweet second home!
  • Travelled East to attend Hubby's sister wedding.
  • Vermont!
  • Halloween.

The happy couple
my handsome ring bearer
Stowe, VT
trick or treat!!!

  • Max started "really" potty training, with consistency.
  • Of course we had Christmas


  1. Is that a pic of the new high rise near Century Link Field? That place looks amazing. We walk by it before every home game :)

  2. Indeed it is KB. Nice to have a local following us :)

  3. Not trying to stalk you but do you live there? I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog but I also have a son named Maxwell, I live here in WA but I'm originally from Sacramento. Lots of coincidences plus your blog is great :)

    1. I don't live there actually, I live across the street! A fantastic neighborhood!! What area do you live in? That is a coincidence that your little one is also a Maxwell. Small world. DO you blog as well? Also, did you know I live in Stockton a few months out of the year?


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I live up north in Marysville but we are in Seattle quite a bit being Seahawks season ticket holders and we have friends in the city. I've thought about blogging but I'm not currently doing it :) Not brave enough I guess. I did see that you lived in NorCal part of the year. I was born in Sacramento then moved up here, then lived in the Bay Area (Walnut Creek) with my husband for about 5 years. I love that area but WA is home :) I just started following you on Instagram and you followed me so at least now you know what I look like! haha

    1. Season ticket holders! Awesome! I am jealous. My hubby isn't in to it. :( Walnut Creek is a nice area, crappy traffic though. You should totally blog. Just for you. And for a timeline capturing all of your sons moments. Its pretty cool to look back on. Now we can stalk each other! Your son is adorable.