Thursday, January 9, 2014

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Ya'll know the drill.  I follow the above blog, you should check it out as well. Harvesting Kale

I used to be a big fan of resolutions.  I don't think I really accomplished any but I never really made anything that could be "accomplished".  Mine usually were pretty vague, like eat better, or cleaner.  Or gratitude.  I guess when I was younger I was more black and white.  Like loose weight (which never happened, or hit the gym more (also never happened).  I have since learned not to set myself up for failure  So anyways, that was a tangent.  Currently I am resolving to find gratitude everyday.  I am resolving to learn how to be the best Mama I can be.  And I am resolving to make 2014....amazing!  And if we are lucky, add a new bundle to our family!!!!

Currently we are all anticipating our trip to Panama.  We leave on Sunday and will be gone for 30 days! We can't wait.  I told Max we were going to go to the Beach and now he wants the beach every day.  I don't blame him.

Currently Max is eating corn.  Like Mama like son.  I do love me some corn.  He is also eating lots of small pieces of candy as we are still rewarding him for peeing in the potty.  I am trying to balance my diet with more protein (BORING)

Max is currently making lots of funny noises.  He imitates cars, and animals.  It's pretty cute.  I am making piles of stuff to weed through. What will make it into our suitcase and what will not.  I tend to be an over packer.

I am remembering my Mama this month as New Years was her Birthday.  I am still very thankful for the Medium reading I had.  I have never felt more closer to her.  Max is remembering a lot these days.  We went to the movies and he had popcorn, so now when we are about to watch a movie he asks for popcorn.  Or when we are driving by what looks to be his school, he asks if we are going to school.  A good lil memory he has.

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