Thursday, January 16, 2014

Casco Viejo

Setting out on a month long trip is not easy.  Not that I am complaining because I am so grateful we are able, but yet, it had its stressors.  One, finding a place to live for a month.  A place that was central, safe and kid friendly.  After weeks of looking we decided on staying in Casco Viejo.  The old quarters or old town.  This town is very much like where we live now in Pioneer Square in that the buildings are by law required to keep it's originally structure and appearance.  This keeps the town historic and rustic.    What I wasn't prepared for was the contrast between restored and abandoned.  For example, our school.   It is nestled in a building that in the states would for sure be condemned.  There are no real windows, or doors.  It is as if the building was bombed many years ago, yet locals decided to still make use of what was left of it.  And this appears to be the standard for many buildings in Casco Viego. 

Walking the streets you will see a gorgeous building, restored to all its glory with fresh paint and plaster, but next door will be a building that has half of it missing.  And the crazy part is, you can see people living in there.  The locals we have meet tell us squatters live there until they are told to leave.  They aren't breaking any laws or causing any trouble so they are left alone. One time on our walk we walked by a building that looked as if it was to crumble to the ground at any moment yet when we looked inside you could see a flat screen TV and a huge boom box.  A juxtaposition at its finest.

nice and restored

a peek inside
Mickey seems pissed

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