Friday, January 10, 2014

Potty Time!

I know that I am not the only parent who has uttered these horrific words, however it still pains me to say that yesterday I had to clean poop out of the bath tub.  Max, as cute as he is, is refusing to poop in the potty.  He hasn't really made peace with the fact that poop now belongs there instead of his diaper.  I get it.  It's scary.  It's different.  And apparently much harder to do than pooping under the dining room table fully clothed (as he prefers).  The hubby seems to think it is a privacy issue, since he remembers it being an issue for him when he was little.  I think he is too young for such privacy.  I foresee entering the bathroom with poop smeared all over the floor.

However, the bath appears to be a private and warm spot for him to poop.  I got the alarming yell last night....Mama, poop poops, ahhhhh, mama, poop!!

Shit I yelled and ran to the bathroom.  Sure as shit, there it was.  Gross.  Thankfully it isn't my least favorite bodily issue.  I much more hate vomit!

So we chatted.  I told him that bath is not the place to poop, and that he must let mama know next time.

So tonight we were able to catch it before it happened, almost literally.  He started to yell, I booked it to the bathroom, scooped him up and placed him on the potty!

Success.  He did it. I did have to hold him down a little though.

And he was awarded handsomely with half a mini Reece's peanut butter cup.  And don't judge the small, punitive amount.  If you saw how this kid acted with candy, you would give it out in quarters too.

Baby steps right?

Thankfully I can report that potty training is going pretty well, minus the pooping.  He keeps his pull up diaper dry during the day and most nights.  I am a proud mama.  Just a few more hurdles.

However, now when he see the bath tub, he says poop poo in the bath, and laughs. Ugh.


  1. Oh yes Mama, we've all been there! Just time will tell! Xxx