Tuesday, January 7, 2014


In a few hours we set off on a huge adventure!!! We are headed South to Panama.  This will be our first International trip as a family.  I am super stoked, and just a wee bit nervous.  It is one thing navigating uncharted territory when it is just you or you and your partner, but throw a toddler in the mix and you have no idea what your gonna come up against.

Why Panama you ask?  Well I traveled  all over Central America when I was in my early 20's.  A girlfriend and I packed our backpacks and headed down for about 5 weeks.  It was a pretty amazing experience.  Hard at times, yes, but mostly amazing!  While down there, we came upon a quaint city, Antigua.  This city was different from the rest.  It was like a tourist hot spot, except all the tourists were speaking Spanish.  I was super inspired.  People from all over the globe came here to learn Spanish at the various Spanish schools.  They stayed for about a month and lived with a host family.  "I am so doing this", I said.

Well it only took me 13 years, but I am finally making it back.  Now with hubby and baby in tow.

We will attend classes M-F from 8-12.  Rob's sister is joining us to help out with our monster which is the best thing ever.  I am so at ease knowing she will be there to help out.

And after class, the hubby will go off to work a bit (he can work remotely from any location) and after he is back we will go off exploring.  Weekends will be for the big adventures.  I look forward to updating the blog with all our journeys.

Wish us luck,

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