Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Panama-three days in

First let me say that I am writing this from my cell phone. Not the most optimal, but in a pinch it works. We are day three into our adventure and it is going fantastic. I will save more of the details for when I am at an actual computer.

We had our first day of school today. It was harder than I remember. Some came back and some, not so mucho. I took Spanish in High School many moons ago. Thank god some stuck.  Right now we are just learning our basics. I am not gonna lie, I am sort of not liking being put on the spot to answers questions, but I guess that is why it works.  

It's super hot and humid so our days look like this. 
Class from 8-12.
Come home and get Nicole and Max and walk to get lunch and try not to melt.
After lunch come home for Siesta. (and stay out of the heat) and I would like some one to explain Siestas to Max.
Then around 4:00, we venture out for more exploring.

More to come later…..  But so far we are having a terrific time!

My hot lil monster
Our view while drinking Mojitos

ceviche is everywhere, a common staple.

From our deck

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