Monday, January 6, 2014

sweet dreams

Ok, so I feel like I get my fair share of venting out on this blog.  What Max is doing now that drives me bonkers or how I never get to wear cute clothes anymore.  So, to balance it out I want to share a sweet story about our day out together.

Just a normal day.  A lazy morning.  Max decided that waking at 5:00am was a suitable time to get the party started.  Mama, on the other hand was not so much in agreement.  So after I gave him his milk I tried to coax him back into bed with me.  This usually works and is our usual routine, minus the 5:00am madness.  Well Max wasn't really into that idea this morning, so I plopped him back into his crib and wished him luck.  He was out in 5 minutes.

So naturally he re-woke again around 8:45am.  It was a little too late to hit the cycle class at the gym so I decided we would go to Gymnastics.  I am so glad we did.  It has been a while since we had been and a longer while since he had my undivided attention there.  So we jumped, rolled, and wiggled all over the place.  Towards the end he had me lay down.  He wanted to snuggle right there on the mat.  Pretty sweet I thought so I didn't hesitate.  Then he pretended to cover me up, give me milk and his favorite snuggle companion, "Q".  He is sort of embarking on that pretend play right now.  As he tucked me in, he touched my face so sweetly and said, "sweet dreams".  My. Heart. Melted.

Oh my goodness.  Did my lil monster just put me to bed, and did he really say, "sweet dreams".  I could of welled up with tears right then had it not been for Katy Perry blaring over the loud speaker.

It was a validating parental experience.  One he will never remember but one that I will hold close to my heart forever!  It validated for me that my monster knows what love is (because we are teaching him) and he is now modeling that back onto those he loves.  This parenting stuff is all starting to make sense now.  The highs and lows.  The snuggles and kisses.  It's freaking amazing!

The end.


  1. Incredible :) All those little things sure make being a parent the best thing in the whole world.