Friday, November 2, 2012

Big pimpin'

Looks whose facing forward.  I realize it might be a silly milestone, but a milestone none the less.  Now my big boy is facing forward for all the world to see.  He is sort of entranced by all the new sights.  I know he doesn't quite meet the two year old guildlines for forward facing, but screw it. I am a rebel that way.  No, but really we got it for the 12 hour drive back to Seattle.  I wanted to make it a tad bit more enjoyable for him......and for us.


  1. Gina, your boy is such a cutie! I remember putting my eldest daughter in a forward facing carseat a month before her 1st birthday. I've read so many articles talking about how we should keep our kids in a rear facing carseat for as long as possible. But I was too excited to see my daughter actually seeing things while we drive around. I'm such a hard-headed Mama.

  2. Adorable!! b just graduated to a booster seat this weekend. They grow up too fast!