Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's beginning to feel a lot like...

Hope every ones Thanksgiving was wonderful, full of yummy treats and little drama.  Unless that's your thing, then lots and lots of drama :)

Ours was wonderful.  I think next year I want to double the size of our turkey.  This year I have managed to eat all our left overs in a day.  Not good.  I am still unsatisfied and feel like I need a lot more turkey, gravy, stuffing and pie.  Its probably a good thing I don't as my pants are feeling real snug already.

On Black Friday, as tradition goes, we went and got our Christmas tree.  At Home Depot of course.  Last year we were a lot more country and I actually cut my own tree in Vermont.  This year, we settled for some good ol' modern city fun.

We pulled all our ornaments outs and began to trim the tree.  I love looking at all our ornaments we have collected through the years.  My favorite, one from 2002.  The hubby and I's first Xmas together. Ahhhhhh.  As I hung it, I thought to myself....lil presumptuous we were.  Creating a clay ornament, cementing our union.  Now that's commitment folks.

I have a few unwrapped gifts under the tree and it is slowly staring to feel like Christmas.  Love this time of year, and I hate how fast it comes and goes.

Oz getting his yearly Thanksgiving meal. And yes that is a bib :)
Black Friday Tree extravaganza...
roaming the Depot
This is me, last year, cutting down my own damn tree!

Savor the moment.