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This weeks theme....
Loving, looking, cooking, catching and missing.

I'm currently....

Loving the change of seasons. It's cooling off nicely in Stockton and the leaves are finally starting to change. Max is loving the sounds of cars. When hears one pulling up, he runs to the window. It's pretty damn cute.

I'm constantly looking at my monster. How much he changes day by day. What he gravitates to. And what he rejects. Max is looking all around. Usually for cars or trucks. Or Caillou. 

Cooking....well attempted to make gazpacho. FAIL! Too much olive oil and not enough flavor! Boo! Max may be attempting to help mama bake some cookies today.

Catching....the holiday bug. Can't wait to get started. Making holiday treats, decorating the house, and doin all that cheesiness that most want to avoid! Max isn't catching....any bugs, thank god!

I'm girlfriend in Seattle. Looking forward to catching up over hot coffee and brisk walks. Going shopping and drinking wine! Max is missing his buddies as well.

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