Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghools and Gobblins

Hope y'all had a safe and wonderful Halloween.  We had a great time! I will admit, I was a little stressed at first.  All the peeps.  Ozzie eating every piece of candy off the street.  Max throwing tantrums and flinging his body on the ground. 

  Insert chanting..."Serenity now"!!!!!!!

But all in all it was some good ol' fashion fun.  I can't blame Max for being overwhelmed.  I mean there were monsters, super heroes and fairy's EVERY WHERE.  A little scary for a wee lil one.  

After we walked Miracle Mile (the street we live next to) for some trick or treatin' we headed home to put on our own little show.  The hubby was super excited for this part.  It was super cute watching him.  He set up the fog machine, pumped scary music through out the house and put up the strobe light.  

We went through three bags of candy!  (which required me making a last minute run to the store) Max had fun too.  He had his first lollipop! And trying to take it away was NO FUN! I guess I'd be pissed too if someone was trying to steal my candy.

And to end our festive evening was a 7 foot tall adult who asked for our glow stick.  
Um......sure.  I guess.

Oh Stockton, you never disappoint

Happy Halloween!

mama devil 
busy busy

trick or treat

Oz was a wide receiver
ohhhh, candy 

ra ra ra ra


  1. Cute! Jax was not into trick or treating or wearing his costume. I'm hoping next year will be different. It rained anyway, so that's my excuse ;)

    1. I love the name Jax btw. Max was almost a Jax!