Thursday, October 4, 2012

number one or number two?

Now that Max is 15 months, I have been getting that nasty bug in my ear......., heart, soul, or whatever.

Do we want to expand our family?

Now this isn't a decision I take lightly.  In fact it keeps me up at night.  Its true what I read, deciding to have baby number two is way harder than jumping the gun on number one.  Which, mind you took me a long ass time.

I wasn't really sure I wanted to have a family until I hit my 30's.  Well maybe 29.  It sort of burned in the back of my head, sort of like a migraine, but I was so scared about pulling the trigger sort of speak.  Would I be a good mom, did I have enough patience, would I when all was said and done, run the risk of regret?

Well we know how that turned out.  I absolutely adore my monster.  And even though when he wakes in the wee hours of the morning, and I roll over and utter some few choice words, I would absolutely never, ever change how my life has turned out.

So with that, why not add to the equation?

Well.  Here lies the problem.  Knowing now, what I didn't know then is what real sleep deprivation is.  Knowing now what vomit feels like running down your chest, especially when its not your own.  And now knowing what it feels like to argue with your hubby about how many hours they got to sleep, eat, drink in relation to what  you got.  Dare I do it again?  Experience that all again?


My hubby is not really on board.  As he puts it, he is 90% NO.

So I guess that means we have a little wiggle room. Bah Ha Ha ha ha!

More on this it consumes my mind.....

How did you decide to add to your nest? Or not add? Dare I say, any regrets?


  1. Our little man was a HORRIBLE sleeper. He is now 2.5 and has JUST started sleeping through the night a few months ago. We even went so far (so desperate) as paying $750 (SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY) for a sleep trainer...who...well...helped some, but little man still didn't sleep through the night once she was done with us.While I believe in "never say never" because you just "never" know...and even though I am oh so inlove with him and can't imagine life without him, I think, at this point, we are thinking he is going to be an only child :) Who knows what the future holds, but for now (and most likely forever) is the King of the House :)

  2. My hubs says he is totally 100% out on #2. So...we'll see. Also, I just spent 4 days with my friend that has 2 boys. I asked her how it was with 2 (she had her second when the first was 3.5). She turned to me from the kitchen and said, "It's awful."

  3. tell. I am always appreciative to those that are so honest. What is so awful?

    And $750 dollars. Wow! It's amazing anyone has multiple kids :)

    I appreciate the comments ladies, thank u!