Tuesday, October 2, 2012

it all about the eyes

However my cuticles may need a lil help

I've always been pretty minimal with my make up.  Just enough to cover and accentuate the good stuff.  I am however, always drawn to it.  Like a moth to a flame.  I don't usually buy, but I enjoy the hunt.  My good friend, who describes herself as a make up whore is really good about showing me whats "new" out there and what I MUST TRY.

The other day she swung by after work looking darling as ever.  "Nice eyes" I said.  That is when she quickly pulled me into the bathroom to show me her new discovery.  "It's Ah-Maz-Ing", she said

She slapped some on my eyes, and sure as shit...it was amazing.
So, the next day, I went out and got me some.  I do really like it.  It's easy to apply and it lasts a long time.  Two things that are a must for me.

Ladies, if you're looking to do something different with your eye make up routine.......shall I suggest the above eyeliner.  It instantly made me look awake and like I tried to do something fancy, again two things that are a must!


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