Friday, October 26, 2012

Finger painting

Finger paints scares me.  
I know we should encourage our children to be creative and explore their senses, but oh the mess.

I decided to brave it. For the good of the child.  And I have to say.  It wasn't as scary as I had anticipated.  I taped the paper to the table (thankfully its glass) and put some blobs of paint down.  It was funny at first, watching him.  He looked up at me all confused.  As if he was sure about this mama?  You know I am gonna make a mess....

I rolled up my sleeves and rubbed paint all over the paper. I gave him an encouraging look and......nothing.  So I put his own hand in the paint.  He looked at me again, made a defeated sound and   wiped his paint covered hand on my sweater.

I rolled my eyes.  Of course.  Here I was worried about the table, his clothes, etc....
I showed him again, and brought out a pumpkin to paint and he was off.

I think he had some fun.  He painted for about 30 minutes.  Just enough time for me to take some pictures and get snack started.

Success I think.  


  1. What a cutie! Thanks for linking up to the Friendly Friday Hop at I'm your newest follower :)

  2. What a cutie! I love his smile in that last photo!

  3. Visiting from Thirsty Thursday. I haven't been brave enough to let my almost 5 year old finger paint. I say you rock for trying!