Monday, October 8, 2012

resources resources

There are pant loads of resources out there for mamas! Have you seen them?  Resources for breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diapering, co-sleeping, attachment parenting, toddler-hood, potty training, post-pardum blues, yoga, Meet-ups the list clearly can go on and on.

Have you tapped any of these?  I was a little reluctant myself.  Did I really need "support".  Wasn't I strong enough to figure it out on my own? Who attended these "groups" anyways....weirdos? I know, little judgy, but lets be real.  We have all run into our share of those moms.

I sucked it up and I attended one.  I reached out in California where I knew no one and attended a Baby Boot Camp.  And I am glad I did.  It got me out of the house, it allowed me to meet other mama's and it forced me out of my comfort zone.  Not to mention to helped me keep the LB's down.  I liked it so much that I also joined Baby Boot Camp in Seattle.  Where again, I have met some cool mamas.

I did take it a little further.  I joined a few groups.  Have you heard of these? Really handy.  Especially for me, a SAHM with a lot of time on her hands and a toddler to entertain.  Those also worked out pretty well. Of course you have to try some on to figure out what fits best, but once you do, its pretty great.

Today, I stretched it a little further and attended a "terrific toddlers" class.  This was an open class setting that mama's could attend to discuss any issues or concerns they are having with their toddler.  Again, Handy! I wanted to talk about positive "discipline", and other mama's wanted to talk about their spirited child, or introducing baby number two.  All in all, very informative, and pretty cool that a class like this exists at all.

So if you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out what your city or community has to offer.  You may learn a lot about yourself, or you may just teach someone else something really helpful.


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  1. I love! I met so many great ladies here in Chicago from the groups I joined. Now we are moving again, so I have to start all over again...grrrr

    1. that is frustrating. I live in Cali and Seattle and everytime we leave one place for the other, I have rebuild my community of mamas. But thank god the resource exists. Or I'd pull my hair out!