Saturday, October 6, 2012

worry wort

So we are all settled in California.  It was still in the high 90's when we got here (lil too hot for this mama), but it has started to cool down considerably .  I freakin' love the fall.

In California we reside in Stockton.  Stockton has had it's share of trouble and media attention. You may have heard that it has gone bankrupt.  Who knew a city could even go bankrupt?  It is the first in history to do so. Yeah, Stockton. Stockton has also won another award, making the list for top 10 dangerous cities in the US.  Another bonus.

I gotta be honest.  It sort of keeps me up at night.  Are we safe here? 
I didn't worry this much last spring, but with the latest spike in crime in Stockton, I am starting to rethink our location.

Victory Park is a park that we go to frequently.  Or did.  Recently it has been on the news for a murder.  A man was shot to death over his gold chain.  That's right.  Over a necklace.  Now on the news they are urging people to not wear gold jewelry while they are out, and better yet, don't wear any jewelry.  Unsettling!

What the hell is going on?  

There are a lot of theories as to what makes a city dangerous. Poverty, unemployment rates (Stockton is at 20%), gang violence, lack of resources. A perfect storm.

Oh California, how I love thee, but please get your shit together.  I really like you.  



  1. wow sounds scary, i live in a pretty bad area too, although the nicer part of the bad area, if you take the bus 10 minutes down the road its just nasty. i just keep to my nice side as much as possible and i've never had a problem, although i don't think we have much gang problems here. (ps I'm super jealous of you even being in california and having sun!!!)
    I am hosting a blog hop over at my blog today

  2. I will drop by your hop, and thank u for the comment. Isn't crazy how few miles can make such a difference in your safety? Stay safe :)