Tuesday, October 16, 2012

feeding your marriage

I was on pinterest last night, YES, again.  And I found that I kept running into similar pins.  Like there was a theme.  Or maybe it was a subliminal beacon. Feed your marriage!

You hear time and again that a marriage is work.  ugh.  More work?

I kid....but serioulsy.

A marriage, a good marriage takes work and practice.  The hubby and I try to keep connected but it is hard not to get lost in everyday life.  Dirty diapers, grocery shopping, playmates and bills.

A few things we do to keep connected is eat dinner together.  Sounds easy enough right?  But trying to make dinner, feed the monster and walk the dog, dinner can start to feel like one big chore.  So instead, we wait to eat dinner till after we put the monster to bed.  That way we can eat in peace, enjoy a glass of wine and finish a conversation. This has helped a lot.  We no longer feel like we are in such a hurry to get to the next project.  Because sometimes it can feel like a rush to relax.

Another thing we do is have date night. This sometimes is challenging because we don't have a "regular" nanny.  So our date nights are a few and far between.  Coincidentally, our nanny from Seattle just recently moved to Berkeley which is only and hour away from our hood.  I called her up and she agreed to watch the monster! SCORE!

So tonight, the hubby and I had five whole hours to our self.  We got coffee, walked around town, and finished off with a vintage port and yummy dinner.  We were able to reconnect, refuel and recharge our  relationship.  Reminisce and talk about the future. It was pretty awesome.

So what do you do to feed your marriage?



  1. I never thought about having dinner twice..once to feed the kiddos and then once for us adults to really actually eat and have a conversation! I will have to try this..and wait - did you just say Berkeley?! What what?! that's like um 10 mins away from me :) Since we don't have family around and having two kids, it's really hard to get a date night in. I don't think the hubs and I have had a date night since, oh, never! Well that's not completely true - we get a couple of hours to watch a movie on occasion when we visit our families in LA..

    1. I actually know a babysitter in Berkeley. I can see if she is open? I highly recommend her. She is awesome!!!!
      Let me know how eating dinner later goes :)
      It has helped us.