Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Things You Need to Do Before You Have Kids....

Interesting article.

Did you knock things off your list before you decided to pop some kiddos out?

Here is what they suggested........

  1. Fly first class
  2. Be spontantous
  3. Spend the entire day in bed watching movies
  4. Road trip
  5. Take a career risk
  6. Wear silk or other dry cleaning outfits
  7. Feed your minimalist side
  8. Have morning sex
  9. Have a boozy lunch with friends
  10. Be the last to leave a party
  11. Take a wine tour
  12. Sky Dive/Bungee Jump or Swim with sharks
  13. Hit the top bars and restaurants
  14. Appreciate being alone in a bathroom
  15. Stop being so self righteous
So peeps, did you do any of these? All of these? None?
I find it interesting that these 15 things are what are being "suggested".  I find it interesting on a lot of
levels. Does it mean then that once you do have offspring, fun and spontaneous behavior is over? I'll have to say no friggin' way. Maybe frequency, but not your ability!  I gotta say I still do at least four of the above on the regular, so there!

And on the contrary, since having a spawn, I feel more spontaneous, more fulfilled, and enjoy life more on a whole than I did in my previous years!

Just a shout out to giving birth, that's all :)



15 Things You Need to Do Before You Have Kids

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