Thursday, October 11, 2012

Say it isn't so....

As I write, my monster is safely being held prisoner in his crib. He is surrounded by his favorite blankets, lovey's, and book. So why dear son are you screaming bloody murder! Do you know what your mama would give to trade places with you?

I am a self proclaimed professional napper. There was nothing I took more serious than napping. I'd fit in a 12 minute power nap if I had to. Just as long a I got one.

I love to nap. And so I followed all those who advised me, sleep when he sleeps. NO PROBLEM! It's been pretty sweet thus far. After I put Max down, mama lays her lil head down too for a nice recharge. However, yesterday (and maybe even today😟) the monster is trying to sabotage my routine! Damn you I say. Is this a glimpse to what will be come?

How can you bribe a toddler?


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