Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Phillips Farm

I love me some pumpkin patches.  There just so damn cute! Seeing all the decorations and the lil kiddos running a muck.

The especially cool thing about this patch is that it is on a vineyard.  And you know what that means. WINE! I saw other parents walking behind their bundles of joy with a nice big glass of wine in their hand.  Note to self, next time mama comes here she will be partaking in that business.

gobble gobble
my very own pig pen
cuties (M&K)
smile at the camera....
isn't that the cutest face!

A little trip down memory lane.....
  This was us at Dell Osso Farm.  Look at how tiny he was.  But more so, look at that hair the hubby is sporting. 
SO glad he cut that mop.

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