Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What would we be without a little dysfunction? Right?  Probably boring.

The trick is how to provide the right amount of dysfunction with out scaring your children.  A healthy but tricky balance I think.

All joking aside, it is a tad stressful. This whole parenting gig.  Am I truly raising a monster? Will I promote his creativity enough? Am I a helicopter parent? Or am I too laxed?  Are we doing it right? There is a "right" way, right?

You see where the mind can go.  I know most will tell me..."you're doing a good job".  But how do we really know.  The thing is, no one knows till its too late.  Then they're screwed.

How many of your own issues do you blame your parents for? Don't lie? We all do it.  In a basic way, our parents taught us how to love, how to fight, how to cooperate or not.  So they should be the first to look back to, to point a finger at.

I just want to make sure my monster will look back at us, point his finger, and say, you did it ALL right.

I suppose if we focus on loving him, treating him and each other with respect, encourage him, and support him he will turn out ok. Hopefully the only real dysfunction we will cause is complete and utter embarrassment.  Because I am sort of looking forward to that one.


  1. The fact you are spending time thinking about this is a pretty good indicator that Max will be a fabulous human. Trust your instincts. Also, perhaps ask adults in your age range, whom you really admire, what they think their parents did best.
    Emotional security, independence, serious consideration for other people and for all less fortunate and a whacked out sense of humor and you've got a great kid.

    Talk, talk, talk with Max all through his life. By the time he is old enough to be embarrassed telling you his secrets he will be so happy he has someone to talk to about emotional and heart stuff.

    1. You're so sweet! Didny know u were following this blog, so glad u are!!!! And thank you for the great advice!