Thursday, November 8, 2012

Time for a change??

As I was doing my hair today I had a huge feeling of DEJA VU! Curling my hair the same, same eyeliner, and even the same freakin' color lipstick (real raisin *circa 1993* that my friend Merry bought me for xmas, she's funny like that) Crap, is it time for a change or what! Now I have cut my hair and styled it all different ways, don't worry I haven't been living in the 90's this whole time.  But this hairstyle is like a trusty old pair of shoes.  I just can't seem to get away......

Is it time for something new?
  I've done the pixie thing, the high-light thing, bangs/no bangs.  Whats left?



  1. What about a graduated bob? Or maybe super long!

    1. Maybe the bob? I fear if I grow it longer it will just live in a pony tail :)

  2. I just cut my long hair into a bob (today actually!). It feels amazing and light and different. And it's just long enough to pull back if I really need to. Good luck deciding! :)