Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Santa Barbara

Do you remember a soap opera from years and years ago?  It ran from 84-93.  I remember when it was cancelled.  I was so sad.  Anyways....clearly it made an impression because I have been wanting to go there for well......20+ years.  Sounds cheesy as I write this....but hey, what's life with out a little cheese?

Well anyways it didn't disappoint! It was wonderful.  The weather was awesome, the beautiful white stucco buildings with red clay roofs, and the sky scrapper palm trees.

We met up with our friends the Case's and rented a house 10 minutes from downtown.  A fabulous rental.  If you haven't done so, look into renting houses vs. hotels.  Its way more cozier and sometimes cheaper than hotels.  It also allows you spend more time with your friends if you are meeting them on a vacation.  A shared space and separate bedrooms=perfection!

We spent the first day walking down State street which was filled with cute shops and yummy restaurants.  Max even had a good time running down the street, taking in the new sights and sounds. We hit a local farmers market, and settled right in.  Was a great first day!

biggest onion ever
I love succulents
lil music time
Dylan and Liam
I love a naked booty

help me...


  1. I would never think to visit Santa Barbara when we make it down to CA, but now I will add it to my list!