Monday, November 19, 2012

Where does the time go?

Seen these before?  

Where does the time go?  
I am sure people without monsters wonder what it is we do all day.  I know I did before Max came along.  I'd wonder why my friends didn't want to go back to work. "God, won't you be bored"? Or, "How can you just hang with a little kid all day long".

Oh how ignorance is bliss.  Even my hubby has made the mistake of saying, "why are you tired/burnt out/grumpy, didn't you get a nap in today?"      

       Oh, he paid for that one ladies!

Its funny he even thinks that.  Five hours with the monster and he is spent.  Hair standing straight up and bags under his eyes.

Oh sure. My day is filled with ease.  Birds come through my window and help me fold the laundry.  Baby dear come in a help with the chores.  Its bliss! Pure bliss.  And we all whistle while we work!

If that was the case, I'd be popping babies out right and left.  Cause I genuinely do love being a mama.  But it comes with its fair share of work, and challenges. 
Did I mention work!

Here is a lil sneak peak into my day.....

6:30am-woken up by a crying monster
7:00am-out of bed, get snack and milk ready.
7:15am-Hubby so graciously gets me some coffee.
8:00am-feed the monster breakfast.
8:20am-clean food off the monster, dress him for the day.
8:30am-make mama presentable and less scary for the public
9-10:00am-Baby Boot Camp, or library, or play date.
12:00-lunch or snack.  I usaully scarf down what he didn't.
1:00-Nap time! Hallalujeah (I won't lie, I catch a few Z's here     myself, and catch up on blogs)
2:30 or 3:30-Wakie Wakie
3:45-snack time, again
4:00-Cailliou (mama cleans house)
4:30-Quiet play (more cleaning)
5:00 get dinner ready for monster!
5:30-DADDY'S HOME (break time for mama)
7:30-Bath time. Mama gets dinner started for hubby and I.
8:00-Nighty night time.


That is where the time goes ladies and gentlemen. 

Now off to do it again.....

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