Monday, November 26, 2012

mom jeans....

Before baby, I swore I would never "let myself go".  I would never be the mom that was feature on What Not To Wear who was in desperate need of a make over.  The mom who only pulled her hair back in a pony tail, didn't pluck her eye brows, comfortably sporting a uni-brow and pranced around in mom jeans.

Nope, not me.  I would continue with my fabulousness.  Heels, a full coat of makeup and freshly washed hair.

Oh how priorities slip out the window.  Although my uni-brow is under control, the pony tail is in full effect.  The mom jeans have not made there way into my wardrobe, know what is making its self way too comfy.  Active Wear.  That's right.  I am wearing them right now as I type.  And even though I had purpose for putting them on this morning as I went to work out, there is no good reason why they should still be on me some twelve hours later.

I could of let this pass.  Ignored the obvious.  It wasn't until I starting putting them down on my "Santa list" that I knew there was a real problem. Am I now asking Santa for active wear?  Where have my priorities landed?  Where have the requests for spa days and perfume gone? Gift cards to Sephora and Nordstroms?

NO, I will not fall into the abyss of ease and comfort! NO! Tomorrow is a new day and I will wear some skinny jeans and cute boots damn it.  And I will shower and blow dry my hair. Maybe even apply some lip gloss.

I will not let myself go!

Mission impossible?


Mission accepted!

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