Monday, January 7, 2013

a new additon...

Oh no, not that sort of addition.

This addition comes in the form of space.  Much needed storage space.  Its hard to come by in our condo.  We have absolutely have none to spare.  Not even a square to spare.

But alas, we have put our brains together and ikea'ed our way into a storage solution.

Now the hubby does not fancy himself a builder, but for some reason got a wild hair up his butt and decided to take on this huge project.  Personally I think it was just so he could buy tools.  (Which is very manly.) but what do I care, what ever the reason, I go with it. I love construction.  I love change. And I love that we don't have to pay outrageous labour fees.

Go Hubby!!!

as you can see, we have a mini carpenter on our hands
original wall is a tumblin' down
new cabinets going up
operation destruction
prepping the wall paper

wall paper up and drying
Max could care less
wall painting and trim getting nailed on

panels going up..

sound proofing
Maxwell approved

So after some weeks of a messy house and constant saw dust, we are done with the majority of the project.  Now we are on to operation door.  Not sure the hubby wants to take on that project or will hire out.  Custom making a 13 foot door is no easy task.

I am excited for redecorating Max's room.  I'm adding bits of orange through out his room.  I can't wait to see the finished product.

Stay tuned.



  1. So were those white panels seperating the bedroom from another room? That is some serious handiwork! Oooh, I love pops of orange, can;t wait to see it!

  2. Yeah, the white panels were shoji's screens that separated the hall from Max's room. I am excited to show the final product!!