Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cleanse-Day 2

Day two was definitely harder.

Woke with a dull headache, and a growling tummy. Also woke at 6:30am to take my father to the airport, who coincidentally missed his flight and I had to go back and pick him up at the airport.  (when did parents get so old? Ha, Love you dad).

Came home, made breakfast, drooled a little over my fathers coffee and my son's yogurt and oatmeal.

Had some green tea.

Then slammed a juice.  I was hungry, and I got a little satisfaction from the juice, but not much. I kept thinking "this sucks and I still have another day".

Was cold most of the day.  Heard that this was a side effect since your tummy isn't creating heat by digesting food, and you are drinking cold beverages. Fantastic!

Ate some almonds and for lunch another baby salad.

Nap time, oh glorious nap time!

I have to admit though, I am not really tired.  This cleanse has given me energy.  Like I can feel it through my skin?  Or I am just cold?  But it feels like I have had too much coffee, almost like I am buzzing around.  Either way I took a nap.

Woke with a worse headache and broke down.  I made myself a half cup of coffee.  And it was awesome.  A delicious cup of Joe.

Sucked down a few more juices and was in a decent mood.  That was until I made my father and Max dinner.  Grilled cheese and Mac and cheese.  Dear god, kill me now.  SO badly I wanted to sneak a bite.  But, I held back.  I did however make it known in the house that I WAS NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!

Had some edamame, and commiserated with my neighbor who persuaded me to do this cleanse in the first place. ( she didn't really persuade me, just mentioned she was doing one so I joined in, like a dummy)  She plugs her nose while she drinks the juice.  It's entertaining to watch.

Day two done.  One more day and salvation!

I do feel better, even with all the whining.  But I still don't know why I am doing this.  I need to do more research.


  1. Almost done! You're inspiring me to do a cleanse!

    1. You can do it!! Do you have a juicer? I don't, so I opted for the pre-made stuff. You should read up on Evolution Fresh and how they compare to other juices.
      Let me know....