Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cleanse-Day 3

Last day! Last wonderful day.....

I woke this morning thinking thank god today is the last day!

I got out of bed, and let Max slowly wake while I made some tea.  No headache this morning! SWEET!

I knew I was going to go work out this morning so I was trying to mentally prepare myself.  I haven't worked out in about 6 weeks.  That's a shit load of time for me.  And you know how hard it is to get back into a routine.  So I packed Max's breakfast, and I myself ate a whole banana, whoooooooa.  I chugged half of a juice and headed out.

It was a nice balmy 35 degrees this morning.  Another reason I haven't been to keen on working out.  But I was in the car, no turning back now.....

I told myself I was going to take it easy.  I didn't want to pass out or anything.  And over all it was a good workout.  I am sore so I consider that a success.  And I met a cool mama, so bonus.

I hadn't really eaten in about 3 hours so I was getting a little cranky.  I came home and pounded a juice.

I also made myself a little salad.  I was feeling a lot of energy and in pretty good spirits.

And of course that is exactly what I made Max for dinner.  Yup, I must like to torture myself.  And I will admit, I stole five noodles from his kiddie bowl.  That's right, I did it.  Not my proudest moment but a woman has needs :).

I ate more nuts, more juice and one more salad.  Not to shabby of a day!

Am I glad its over?  Hellz yeah.  Would I recommend it?

You will have to read tomorrow to find out :)


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