Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The sand box

We tried something new today....a trip to the indoor sand box. What is this you ask? Well it's a giant space created for indoor beach volleyball enthusiasts. It's a great space. Little chilly, but great concept. Everyday from 9:30-12 they open it up for "little diggers". The bring out a bunch of toys and trucks for the kids to play with. I knew Max would love this. He loves the beach so why wouldn't he?

Apparently Max had been spoiled by the real thing. The warm sun on his back and the crashing of the waves, because he was NOT feeling this beach. He walked on it like it was some foreign nastiness that no child should be subjected to.

I was able to coax him out with the help of the dump trucks, but I could see his displeasure. Spoiled, I tell ya!

My toes were freezing too so I wasn't too sad about leaving. Maybe we will try again in the summer months.

The pink sports car was his favorite!

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