Friday, January 4, 2013

A year in review

Like they say, time does fly when you're having fun! The hubby wanted me to do a recap of all our many adventures in 2012 so we could see all the amazing things we had the opportunity to experience. And when we are old...ER and grey we can look back and remember how lucky we truly were.

January- Freezing our butts off in Warren Vermont. The cutest smallest town ever. We had a great time skiing and spending the holidays with both sets of grandparents.

February-If my memory serves me right, we played in Quebec City and attending Winter Carnival where we were introduced to Bon homme.

March-Back home in Seattle, enjoying all that Seattle has to offer, including Cherry Blossoms!

April- Off to California! With a stop into Bend to see the Ulvi's. California's welcomed us with some really hot days and warm cozy nights. Hard to miss the rain with weather like this. Also, Max started walking.

May- Max got his first haircut.   We went to the Beach a lot! I started planning for Max's first bday and mama turned 35! Yikes! Also my friends Megan and Merry made the trek to visit me in Cali!

June- A weekend in Take Tahoe! So beautiful!  Then a return to Seattle to celebrate my sons first Birthday and my darling hubby's 37th. My father and step mother made it up for the festivities which made it extra special as well did my dear friend Amy and her son from Alaska. (An amazing surprise) Coincidentally I made it to her sons first birthday as well, only 13 years earlier!

July-  Travelled to Alaska with Max. His first time there. Great memories were made and I can't wait to make this a tradition!

August- Had lots of adventures.  We camping and got completed soaked. Nicole and John also came into town and we spent the weekend in Vancouver B.C.

September-Was a busy month too.  Mama went on a an amazing mama's trip to Santa Monica with her sweet friend Leigh. The family also travelled to New Mexico and Max finally got to meet his Grandma.

October-back to California where we went to pumpkin patches and decorated our house in all sorts of Halloween glory.

November- We made it to one of my favorite, never been to places, Santa Barbara. Had a great time with the Cases. I will be going there again!

December- Had an amazing time with friends and family! Feeling really blessed in life.  Spoiled by all of loved ones. And mama got a new bed! WHooo Hoooo!


  1. FUN! I'd love to do something like this - but I don't think I could remembe all the significant moments..guess I could look back thru blog time..hmmm

    1. lol, I had to go through my old posts. I think its good to have a little refresher! Do it!!!