Monday, January 7, 2013

Experince Music Project

Did you know that the EMP was voted one of the Top Ten ugliest buildings. 
Well what do you think?
Guess its not for everybody.

But housed inside is a plethora of amazement.  A Rock and Roll museum and some sci-fi goodness.  Last year I went to see Jim Henson's Muppet expo.  It was pretty fantastic!

This trip we went with our friends the "S's"  We scoped out the Nirvana exhibit and Jimmy Hendrix.  It's cool looking back at some musicians that really made their mark in history.  Most gone too soon.

tour stops Hendrix made while in England.
Nirvanas stage props

a young Jagger 
EMP also has a sound lab, very cool for the kiddos.
Max is a natural drummer.  Help me god...

Playing with dada
                                               and for your enjoyment and little dancing...

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