Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pins and needles.....

I'm not the most consistent football fan, but I following along enough. The last few games have left me anxious and grateful for cocktails :). Now it's the play-offs!!! It's getting real folks. Max is in his gear (watching Caillou on my computer) and my father and I are in the couch.

Currently I am still sipping my coffee but the hard cider in my fridge is looking mighty good to me.....

But even with all my butterflies, I'm feeling pretty good having my dad in town watching football with me and teaching Max how to throw the ball!

Also, the sun is out in Seattle and I am getting ready to throw some pigs-in-a- blanket in the oven. Guess it could be worse, but please Seahawks! Don't fail me now!!!!

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