Thursday, January 24, 2013

who eats poo?

I debated on posting this blog, but I thought why not right.  This blog is about the happenings in this mama's life.  Not every mama's life, but this mamas!

So I was cleaning the kitchen this morning, as usual when I noticed that all was quiet.  Bad sign! Silence is never good, wanted, but never good.  So I peaked around the corner when I noticed small brown nuggets strewn across the floor.  I had to do a double take.


Oh shit, as I ran toward my son who was innocently sitting in the middle of it.  And of course as I approached him, he so happily raised his hand to me, and low and behold he was holding a nice chunk of poop!

Oh dear god!

I quickly started to gather all the nuggets, with my bare hands mind you.

Ick, gross, ick, gross I kept repeating.

*insert Max's giggle here.

I ran to the kitchen to grab a wipe. GROSS!

and when I returned, Max was gagging, dry heaving, and spitting up.

Oh shit, he totally ate some shit! I also then started to heave.

Oh Jesus!

I didn't really know what to do at this point.  I wiped his mouth and promptly stripped him of his clothes and threw him in the bath.  Now I am not entirely sure why or how this would help the situation but it seems smart at the time.  It at least gave me a moment to walk away and collect myself.

So now I guess I can say my son has eaten poop.

Does this mean I have failed as a mama, or is this a common right of passage.

Either way, I don't think he will try that one again.

p.s. the poop culprit was Ozzie, my beloved Puggle.


  1. Oh my goodness. I hope he doesn't get sick!

  2. I remember my parents telling a story about little ol me - eating my own poop - so, there you go..i think it was during them changing me or something. it was definitely an embarrassing story told at the most inappropriate and embarrassing times.

    1. Of course. Isn't that a parents job? To humiliate their children? :)