Thursday, January 17, 2013

all clean....

The cleanse is complete and I am left feeling pretty damn good.  It's a weird feeling, and hard to explain.  I guess the best way to explain it I feel as if I am on a high.  Natural of course.  It sounds odd to say, but I feel more alive, more alert and more rejuvenated.  All this from a cleanse?  Can it be?

Well apparently so.

But why?  What is it about this simple concoction that makes you feel so damn good?

I started looking around the web and most stated the same thing.  That once our body starts the fasting process,(no longer digesting food) it recognizes what is going on and starts to eliminate the "crap" in our system.  The same crap that causes disease, fat, mucus, plaque, etc.  And once it is refueled with a surplus of veggies and fruits, clarity beings, and things start to fall back into balance.  Organs are being revitalized, and energy and metabolism increases.

Do I buy that?  I do because I do feel better, although I don't know :what better" really entails.  But better, is, well better!

I also read that with a fast, if you can, it should be longer to really maximize the benefits.  Maybe next time. :)  I think 3 days was a good starting off point.

Do I recommend it.  I do.  I am still doing research on the benefits of fasting.  Fat, Sick and Almost Dead was recommended to me and I need to finish watching that documentary.  But logically, it makes sense to me.

Just my little ol' opinion though.

Good luck future juicers.


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