Friday, January 4, 2013


Who had a fantastic New Years? I DID, I DID!

I could of posted all the photos taken, but that might of been a tad obnoxious.  So instead, a lil collage.  The night was hosted by our good friends E and J.  We started at their place, left the babies with the sitter and headed off to a great bar down the street, The Tin Lizzie! A great start off place.  We even stole some of their party favors (notice the cool 2013 glasses).

Then off to an amazing dinner at 10 Mercer.  We dined on tenderloin, lobster (notice the lobster claw in some of the pictures) and crab cakes.  You name it, we might of ate it.

Then back to the condo for fondue and champagne.  And at midnight we rushed outside to see the most fantastic fireworks display off the Space Needle.

There was lots of laughter!!! Lots of hugs and maybe even some smooches.

Don't you love it how some nights just come together!

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